The Peaceful Embodiment Podcast is brought to you by Wisdom Yoga Institute and created by its co-founders Jean Byrne PhD and Chandrika Gibson ND.

We are researchers, perpetual students, and practitioners of contemplative traditions.

And in this podcast we will be exploring the intersection of spiritual practice, research, and the integration of wisdom traditions into daily life.

You can find all episodes of the podcast here or by searching for “Peaceful Embodiment Podcast” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

We look forward to bringing you conversations with other practitioners and researchers and how their work relates to peaceful embodiment. First on our list are the topics of death and peaceful embodiment, pain and peaceful embodiment, and more about our own experience and research.

All of our current episodes

Ep 8: Health At Every Size – Peaceful Embodiment for All Bodies

Ep 7: The Power of Boundaries

Ep 6: Peaceful Embodiment at the End of Life

Ep 5: Pain and Peaceful Embodiment

Ep 4: Yoga and Women

Ep 3: Who gets to be peacefully embodied?

Ep 2: Welcome: Part 2

Ep 1: Welcome: Part 1

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